About Us

The company also paid attention to the establishment of the Department of Research and Development, which had a great impact on Product development and increasing the efficiency of its employees and cadres in all departments, which positively affected on the company’s performance with its customers in the packaging sector enabled it to be a strong presence in the markets local, regional and global.

The results were clear as it became one of the major companies in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf region in record time, in mid 2007 begin setting a three-stage expansion policy, and in the same year the stage was implemented the first and in mid-2009 the second phase was implemented and is currently in the process of implementing the stage the third, which will be completed at the beginning of 2012



CRYSTAL FOR PACKING SYSTEMS is one of Hatem Al-Taweel & Sons group of companies, established on 2006 for the production of food stuff polystyrene packaging to fulfill the local and regional market needs.

CPS has adopted health, hygienic, environmental, local and international standards complying with all requirements and obligations related to the production facilities from all aspects.

CPS top management has instructed and intensively monitored its staff to comply with the planned policies of high-quality products, customers satisfaction of the company line of productions. 


Crystal For Packing Systems established to fulfill customers’ demand for food packaging. The company has adopted the highest quality standards, achieved remarkable sales and customer services.

Through our Planning & Development departments we were able to introduce new creative progressive designs of products with reasonable prices which added value to our customers business and gain their satisfaction.


To expand our business in packaging, lead local and regional markets and make packaging solutions available to all our customers and markets.